3.2.2. New orders for domain registration

Everything ordered domains for which payment has not yet been received are displayed in the section "Domains New orders ":


Before paying for registration, carefully check the domain name and make sure that it is correct and does not contain errors or typos. After the domain is registered, it will be possible to change its name only under the conditions described here.

To pay for the registration order, do the following:

  1. Create an invoice for payment:
    • If you need to pay for only one domain, click opposite it "Pay".
    • If you need to pay for several domains at once, tick them off and click "Pay selected".
  2. Pay automatically generated check in any of the available ways.

After receiving funds to us, an application for domain registration will be sent to the registry. Information about the terms of registration is provided here... When the domain is registered, it will also take some time to renew DNS cachebefore it becomes available online.


Do not delete the order if you paid for it or plan to pay.

To delete a registration order, click the delete button (red cross) to the right of the domain and confirm the operation.