8.16. Payment for services in cash or from the card of an individual (for legal entities)

In the event that for some reason it is impossible to make payment from the current account of the company for which the services are issued, you can pay received invoice in cash through a bank branch or from an individual's card (payment within Ukraine).

Payment is made according to the details specified in the invoice and in the purpose of payment necessarily should indicate:

Payment of invoice 1-XXXXXXX from DD.MM.YYYY from Name_enterprises (EDRPOU code) through full name_payer


  • Instead 1-XXXXXXX indicate the number issued invoice.
  • Instead DD.MM.YYYY - the date of the invoice.
  • Instead Name_enterprises - the name of the company to which the invoice was issued.
  • Instead Full name_payer - the surname and initials of the person who makes the payment.

With such a payment, the legal entity for which the account is registered will be issued accounting documents.

Such payment of the legal entity for which the account is registered is a consent to the statement accounting documents and a tax invoice. If a legal entity does not agree with the presentation of these documents, then you cannot pay like that.

If you have any additional questions, you need to contact technical support on a working day from 9:00 to 18:00 with a request to connect an accounting employee.