8.12. Receipt of the contract

To order hosting and register a domain, just register on our website and accept the terms contract-offer. FOP and Ukrainian legal entities can conclude an agreement with an EDS.

flowchart LR human[Individual] fop[FOP] company[Ukrainian legal entity] foreign[Foreign legal entity] create[Formation of a contract] subgraph sign[Signing] vchasno[Vchasno] Paperless end wait[Waiting for our signature] human -.-x create fop --> create company --> create foreign -.-x create create --> vchasno create --> Paperless vchasno --> wait Paperless --> wait

Individuals can't get a contract. The content of the offer agreement is presented here.

Important points:

  • FOP and legal entity can receive an agreement only in the form of a signed EDS PDF document through the service Vchasno or Paperless. It is impossible to get the contract in any other way.
  • We do not sign additional agreements to the contract. We have one offer agreement, which is valid for absolutely all clients. Its terms are the same for all users.
  • The agreement is a public offer and is valid for 1 year. After the expiration of the term, it is enough to issue a new contract with the expiration date of the previous one.
  • In accounting, transactions are reflected in the period of their implementation, and not documentary registration. Therefore, the date of the business transaction is the date of the document, and not the date of its signing.
  1. Make sure you have completed personal information. If most of the fields are empty, pay for the services from your current account. (The fields will be automatically filled in with data from the state register after the first payment is received.)
  2. Open the section "Personal data ".
  3. In the block "Contract" fill in the fields and click "Download contract":
    • "Date of conclusion" — select the date of conclusion of the contract (may be in the range from the date registration before the current date). Note Regardless of the date chosen, the contract is formed only in the current edition.
    • "Electronic document management service" - select the electronic document management service through which you want to receive the contract (Vchasno or Paperless).
    • "Email to which your account is registered in the electronic document management service" - indicate the mail to which your account is registered in the selected electronic document management service.
  4. Sign the contract using an EDS in the selected electronic document management service.
  5. Expect to be signed by TOV «Hosting.XYZ LTD » within 48 hours.

For foreign legal entities no need to form and sign an agreement using an EDS. It is enough to accept the conditions contract-offer and just pay for services.