8.9. Terms of receipt of payment

Crediting of payment and activation of services occurs within 30 minutes after the receipt of money to us. All payments are accepted and processed fully automatically without human intervention. Below are the features of making payments for different payment methods.

Bank payment takes up to three banking (business) days. Banking day for most banks ends at 13:00. Therefore, if you made a payment after the specified time, the money will be credited to our account in most cases on the next business day. We determine which of the services to activate and who owns the account by the account number, which is indicated in the payment purpose, and the amount paid by the user. Therefore, firstly, we recommend asking the bank operator to indicate the number of the paid account in the purpose of the payment (the account number has the form 1-1234567). Secondly, you should not round up the payment amount. If the invoice is issued for UAH 79, then you do not need to pay UAH 80. There is no need to send us receipts for payment of services, as no one can activate them until the money is credited to our current account. If the payment was made with an error — it does not contain the number of the invoice to be paid or the amount of the payment does not match — such an invoice will be processed manually during business hours. If 3 days have passed and the money has not been received, then you can contact technical support with a request to search for a payment. You can check the receipt of payment on the invoice in list of accounts.

I paid through Privat24 and I received a notification that the money was withdrawn, and you say that the payment has not been received yet.

The bank debits the money during the execution of the payment, about which you receive an SMS, but it credits us to the next banking day. Instantly payments in banks can occur only between individuals, but you pay to a legal entity and instant payment can only be within a banking day, as described above.

SWIFT payments

For SWIFT payments, the crediting period is up to three banking (business) days.

If the payment was made from a Visa or MasterCard, then funds are credited in this case within an hour. After this time in list of accounts the account will have the status "Paid".

Each client who is naturalpersonhas the ability replenish personal balance of your account on our website for any amount, after which spend these funds as needed. All payments from your personal balance are debited instantly, which is very convenient for web studios, freelancers and people who constantly order hosting and domain registration services, since they do not have to wait until the money is transferred to our bank account.