8.13. Auto-renewal of services

Important points:

Auto-renewal allows you to renew services from personal balance or linked card in automatic mode. The funds required to renew the services for a specified period will be automatically debited in the selected method 10 days before the expiration of these services.

The advantage of auto—renewal — there is no need to renew each service manually, it is enough only in a timely manner replenish personal balance or linked card. This reduces the risk of interruptions in the operation of services for which payment was not made on time for any reason.

  1. Open the section "Services auto-renewal".
  2. Click on the switch opposite the desired service:
  3. Select the withdrawal source, auto-renewal period and click "Enable":
    For the source "Bank card" additionally select linked card:
  4. The table with services will display information about the current validity period, the method of debiting funds, the date of the next payment, the amount that should be on the personal balance or the specified card at the time of the auto-renewal date, and the selected auto-renewal period:
  5. Make sure that the selected source of debiting funds has the required amount. If necessary top up your personal balance or a bank card, depending on the selected source.

After turning on auto-renewal, 10 days before the end of the service, the system will try to automatically renew it. If you fail to withdraw money from the selected source, auto-renewal is blocked. To resume its work, it is necessary in the section "Services auto-renewal" topush "Unblock services auto-renewal":