8.23. Obtaining accounting documents (for FOP and legal entities)

Important points:

  • Accounting documents are provided only in electronic form.
  • Acts are issued for the entire amount of payment.
  • The date of the act coincides with the date of receipt of payment to us.
  • Acts are not provided foreign legal entities. SWIFT payments are made according to an invoice (account). Invoices are provided without printing.
  • For FOP payment documents not from a checking account provided only on request.

For payments that were made from the current account Individual entrepreneur or legal entity, we provide invoices and certificates of completion. Documents are generated within 6-10 days from the date of receipt of payment.

After formation:

  • Documents can be downloaded in the section "Invoices".
  • Sent in one letter by e-mail:
    • If accountant's email not specified — sent to account mail.
    • If the accountant's mail is indicated, then to her. In this case, documents are not sent to the account's mail.
  • They are sent with an electronic digital signature through one of the electronic document management systems: M.E.Doc (by default for sole proprietorship and legal entities), Vchasno (for sole proprietorship and legal entities) or Paperless (only for sole proprietorship).
If no document management system is selected, documents will be sent via MEDoc.

You can select the required document management system in the section "Personal data " in the tab "Personal info" in field "Document management system":

If within 14 days you did not receive accounting documents and no download links appeared in the list of accounts, this may mean that you paid for the service not from your current account, but how individual. In this case, you will not be able to receive the invoice and deed. If the payment was made from a legal entity, you need to write return letter.