8.2.2. Replenishment of personal balance

Important points:

  • To replenish the balance in the account must be filled personal data.
  • When replenishing the balance automatically activated Daily billing services that were disabled due to lack of funds.
  • Balance replenishment does not affect on turnover. Only funds spent on payment for services.
  • From balance can't pay delegated services.
  • FOP. Personal account balance FOP cannot be recharged from FOP bank account.
  • Legal entities. Ukrainian legal entities can use the balance only to pay for services with a daily charge (repositories and some additional services).
  • The balance can be replenished through anonymous payment.
  1. Click "Recharge balance" to any of the pages control panels:
  2. Enter the top-up amount and click "Recharge":
  3. Pay the generated invoice using any of the available methods (generated invoices can be found in list of accounts).


Only for individuals and FLP.

You can replenish your personal balance through the terminals listed here. During the payment process, use ID your account.