8.5.2. Temporary domain enablement

Technical support does not have the ability to additionally renew domains.

For most of the domains that we serve, the option of temporary activation is available for 5 days after the expiration of their registration period. The exception is domains in zones .CRIMEA.UA, .YALTA.UA, .SEBASTOPOL.UA, .CO.UA, .BIZ.UA, .RU, .SUfor whom this option is not available.

Important points:

  • Temporary activation is available to users with delegated access.
  • Temporary activation button:
    • It becomes available no earlier than 1 day before the expiration of the domain.
    • Becomes unavailable 14 days after the expiration date of the domain.
  1. Press the power button for 5 days:
  2. Confirm the operation:
  3. Wait for the update DNS cache... This usually takes several hours (maximum 24).