Error 404 Not Found

If you see a 404 error when you visit the website:

You should follow a few simple steps to fix it:

  1. Check that the site directories are named correctly. Site files must be located in the directory /title_site/www/if we are talking about a subdomain — in /title_site/subdomain/... Most often, the site directory is called www.name_site insteadof название_site, or there is simply an extra symbol, letter or number in the name. You should focus on the name of the site, which was added you in the section «My sites».
  2. If you see a 404 error when clicking on the links on your site, check that in the root directory of your site file was present .htaccess... If it has a name htaccess.txt, in which case you should rename it to .htaccess (if after renaming your site gets a 500 error, you can fix it in the following way).
  3. If you are accessing a file that is static, but the file itself does not exist, since it should be generated by the site system when requested, then it should be in site settings check the box opposite «Send request to backend if static file is not found».