Error 403 Forbidden

The reasons for the error and how to solve it:

  • Incorrect location of site files on hosting. Site files must be located in the directory /title_site/www/if we are talking about a subdomain — in /title_site/subdomain/.
  • V root directory of the site file with name is missing index.php, index.html or index.htm... To remedy the situation, use instruction.
  • If there is already a file in the root directory of the site / subdomain .htaccess, check if it already contains a redirect to another directory of the site. In this case, accordingly, the index file will be searched specifically in this directory.
    Also in the file .htaccess restriction of access to the site can be set or access to the directory is closed. You can remove this restriction by removing the lines that are responsible for access restrictions from this file, or by commenting them out by putting the symbol at the beginning of the line #.
  • You restricted access to the site through our control panel. In the access restriction settings, you can deny / open access to the site for different IP addresses. If you previously had access to the site, and now you see the above error, then either your computer's IP address has changed, or you are accessing the site from another device whose IP address is not added to the list of allowed to enter your site.
  • The site is accessed using one of the blocked User-Agent... You can check with which User-Agent requests are made using server logs.
  • If using a web server LiteSpeed and opens symbolic link.
  • If none of the options works, then you have lost access rights to files and directories. You can restore them in the following way.