2.14.16. Installing MediaWiki

Before installation:

  1. Install for the site PHP version 7.3 (official requirements).
  2. Download from official site on your PC an archive with the distribution of the latest version of MediaWiki.
  3. Place the distribution files on the hosting:
    1. Through filemanager or any FTPclient upload the archive to hosting in root directory preliminarily added site.
    2. Unpack downloaded archive with filemanager.
    3. Move the entire contents of the subdirectory mediawiki-X.XX.X to the root directory.
  4. Prepare the database:
    • If there is no free database, create new.
    • If there is an unused database, you can clear and use it.
  1. Open the site in a browser by adding to its address mw-config (example - example.com/mw-config).
  2. Select your language and click «Further».
  3. Verify that the external environment check was successful and click «Further».
  4. Specify your database connection settings and click «Further»:
    • «Database type» — leave «MariaDB, MySQL or compatible».
    • «Database host» — instead of localhost indicate host (server) address databases.
    • «Database name (no dashes)» — specify title Database.
    • «Database table prefix (no hyphens)» — leave it blank or specify any prefix you like.
    • «Database username» — instead of root indicate Username (login) Database.
    • «Database password» — specify user password Database.
  5. Leave the checkbox next to «Use the same account as for installation» and press «Further».
  6. Specify wiki settings, check the radio button opposite «Enough, install the wiki» and press «Further»:
    • «Wiki name» — enter an arbitrary name for the wiki.
    • «Project namespace» — leave «Same as wiki name» or choose another option.
    • «Your Member Name» — specify the administrator's login.
    • «Password» and «The password again» — enter the administrator password (at least 10 characters).
    • «Email address» — specify the administrator's mail.
    • «Subscribe to the newsletter about new versions of MediaWiki» — check the box if you want to receive emails about new versions of MediaWiki.
    • «Share this installation with the MediaWiki Developers» — uncheck the box if you do not want to send information about the configuration of the software environment to the MediaWiki developers.
  7. Click «Further» again.
  8. Wait for the installation to complete and click «Further».
  9. Download the file LocalSettings.php on your PC and using filemanager or any FTPclient upload it to hosting at root directory site.
  10. Check the site is working.