SRV are records that define settings for certain services, namely the name and port of the server for further connection.

  1. Open the section "Domains ".
  2. In the domain menu, click "SRV records":
  3. Clickon "Add a record".
  4. Enter the details of the new SRV record and click "Add to":
    • "Service" — specify the name of the service for which the record is being created. Note Symbol _ You do not need to specify it, it is added automatically.
    • "Subdomain" — specify the subdomain for which the record is being created. For the main domain, use the symbol @. Note Symbols . and _ in the name of the subdomain can be specified only for the service ldap.
    • "Protocol" — select the transport layer protocol to be used by the service. Note Symbol _ added automatically.
    • "Priority" — specify the priority of using the entry. For two identical entries, the entry with the lower priority value will be used first. The other entry will only be used if the first is unavailable.
    • "Weight" — specify the amount of prioritization of sending requests. For multiple records with the same priority, requests will be proportionally distributed among records according to weight. The principle of operation of this value is such that for two records you can specify a different weight to distribute the load, in which case more requests will come to one server than to the second.
    • "Port" — specify the port used for the service.
    • "Server address" — specify the address of the server to which connections will be made.