3.1.8. Domain renewal

Domains are renewed multiples of 1 year... It is not possible to renew a domain for several weeks or months. Renewal in progress from the end date before the paid date, NOT from the date of payment. This is because the registry retains ownership of the domain after the expiration date.

You can renew at any time maximum 10 years.

After renewing a domain that has expired, it starts working not right awayas it takes time to update DNS cache (up to 24 hours).

Renewal opportunity and cost depends on the status domain. After the expiration date, the domain goes into the status Hold and it can be renewed at the regular price. If you do not have time and the domain will go to the status redemptionPeriod, renewal will be possible only at an inflated price. If you do not have time again, the domain will go to the status pendingDelete and it will no longer be possible to extend it. In such a situation, the only way out is to wait until the domain is completely removed from the registry and re-register it. Hold and redemptionPeriod statuses may not be available in all zones.

In order not to lose your domain, we recommend that you do not delay paying for it and on time prolong... Domain expiration reminders are sent to account mail and through Telegrambot.

When the domain is renewed in the registry, impossible shorten your domain and cancel or refund your payment. To avoid erroneous double payments upon receipt of payment for a domain, the system checks whether there have been payments for this domain in the last 7 days. If yes, then the second payment is temporarily blocked and a letter is sent to the account's mail, in which you can return or confirm the payment.

An active TM is only needed when registering and withdrawing a domain from redemptionPeriod, to extend it not required.

You can renew the domain even if the TM is invalid, the main thing is to make sure that the domain does not have time to go to redemptionPeriod... Wherein important to considerthat if someone else with the same TM wants a domain with the same name, then with a high degree of probability he will be able to take the domain for himself through the registry / court. The advantage in this case will be on the side of the owner of the active TM.