3.1.17. Domain deletion

For domains registered through us, in the column "Ending" the period of their validity is indicated.


The domain is not removed from the registry and is not released ahead of schedule for registration.

Open the section "Domains ", in the domain menu, click "Delete" and confirm the operation:

After deletion:

  • The domain becomes grayed out and is moved down the list of domains.
  • The domain ceases to be displayed in the list of services when theformation invoices for payment.
  • For the domain, notifications are no longer sent.
  • The deleted domain can be returned with the button "Restore" in the domain menu.
You can also refuse from the domain. In this case, the domain will continue to work until the expiration of the paid period, but the system will no longer send reminders to pay for it.
During the first 3 days, you can cancel registration of some domains, in the name of which there was a mistake.

Important points:

  • The domain is not released immediately - the deletion means the early transfer of the domain to redemptionPeriod (in areas where it is provided). Therefore, you will need to wait until this period ends and the domain is finally removed from the registry.
  • According to clause 1.8 contract funds are not refunded when a domain is deleted.

To early remove a domain from the registry to make it available for registration to everyone, please contact technical support.

For domains served by another operator, in the column "Ending" indicated "Not registered with us".

Important points:

  • All DNSrecords domain. If they are important, before deleting save them to a file.
  • On repeated adding domain records will be installed by default.

Open the section "Domains ", in the domain menu, click "Delete" and confirm the operation: