Setting up a 404 page in Magento


A custom 404 page won't work correctly for URL in which there is a mention pagespeedif included optimization settings... To fix the problem, disable optimization settings or not use links with similar keywords.

You can customize the 404 page in Magento in the site's admin panel. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to section "CONTENT → Pages":
  2. Find the page with the title "404 Not Found" and opposite it, click "Select", and then "Edit":
  3. Specify the data that you want to display on the error page:
    • "Enable Page" — set the switch to position Yes.
    • "Page Title" — specify the title of the page displayed in the title of the tab (tag <title>).
    • "Content Heading" — specify a title located directly on the page itself.
    • "Editor" — editor of the text placed on the page.
  4. Save changes by clicking "Save".
  5. Additional page customization options can be found below, but it is not recommended to change them to avoid page rendering issues.