Clearing the cache in Magento


When clearing additional cache in Magento 2, you can reset current orders, changes and other store elements that are stored in it.

Magento 2 has many types of internal data caching. To clean them, follow these steps:

  1. V adminpanels site open section "System → Cache management" ("System → Cache Managment"):
  2. Check all cache types by choosing from the dropdown list (1) Choose all (Select All), then above (2) select Refresh (Refresh) and press "Confirm" ("Submit"):
  3. Clear Magento internal cache by clicking "Clear Magento cache" ("Flush Magento Cache"), and if you want to clear the store's internal data cache, click "Clear storage cache" ("Flush Cache Storage"):
  4. To clear the additional cache, scroll to the very bottom and click on the buttons to clear the additional cache of images, JS scripts and CSS-files, static files: