4.8. VPS plan change


Changing the tariff is only possible upward. Switching to a cheaper tariff is impossible, since this implies a reduction in resources, including disk space, which can lead to damage to the integrity of the file system and, as a result, breakdown of the file system partition where this VPS server is located.

Important points:

  • Switching to a cheaper VPS tariff is IMPOSSIBLE. If there is a need to switch to a cheaper tariff, the only option is to order a new VPS, independently transfer all the necessary data and settings from one server to another, and then contact us on the issue of abandoning the old VPS and refunding the remaining period of its operation.
  • VPS data and settings are not affected when the tariff plan is changed, IP is not changed.
  • It is impossible to increase any separate parameter (for example, disk space) without changing the tariff plan.
  • When changing the VPS tariff plan, the server will be restarted, therefore, before submitting a request, it is recommended to reboot server on your own to make sure that after restarting the VPS when the tariff is changed, all services will start automatically and the site will start working without additional manual steps.
  • When you change the tariff for VPS, additional disk space appears as an unallocated area. Unallocated space will be needed combine with the main or mark up with built-in OS tools.
  • Changing the tariff plan affects the provided system resources of the server, in some cases it is very important to check the operability of the OS and the presence of errors in operation.
  • Not recommended after tariff change restore a backupthat was created before it was changed.
  1. Open the section "VPS".
  2. In line «Tariff plan» click «Edit":
  3. Under the desired rate, click «Go to".
  4. Confirm the operation and pay for the generated check.
  5. After receipt of funds in the section "VPS" confirm the change of tariff plan by clicking at the top of the page "Change tariff and restart".
  6. Increase partition sizes due to the added unallocated disk space.