4.16. Dedicated IP for VPS

Important points:

  • For one server you can order no more than 8 addresses.
  • All addresses Ukrainian.
  • Addresses are distributed automatically, you cannot select a specific address.
  • The ordered address is automatically included in check to renew VPS. When the dedicated IP is no longer needed, it is enough in the section "VPS" in the tab "IP addresses " next to this address click "Cancel renewal"... After that, it will not be included in the server renewal invoice.
  1. Open the section "VPS" and switch to tab "IP addresses ".
  2. Clickon "Order IPv4 address":
  3. Place an order and pay for the generated check... After receipt of payment, the address will appear in the lists "IP addresses available for use" and "Paid orders for dedicated IPv4 addresses".
  4. Configure a dedicated IP on the server by instructions or by yourself.
  5. If necessary, register for dedicated IP PTR record.