4.4. General information about VPS

VPS is a service within which the user is provided with a virtual dedicated server. The technical implementation of a VPS is based on dividing the resources of a physical server into a number of virtual servers. In terms of operating system management, a VPS is similar to a physical dedicated server. In particular, you get: root access to the server, your own IP addresses, ports, traffic filtering rules and routing tables. All VPSs are hosted in Ukraine.

When automatically installing the OS on a VPS, the restrictions on the number of inodes set by the file system are by default:

  • VPS 2G — approximately 1.5 million inodes.
  • VPS 4G — approximately 3.1 million inodes.
  • VPS 6G — approximately 4.3 million inodes.
  • VPS 8G — approximately 5.6 million inodes.
  • VPS 10G - approximately 6.1 million inodes.
  • VPS 12G — approximately 7.3 million inodes.
  • VPS 16G — approximately 9.7 million inodes.

In any case, the VPS is administered by the client. We provide only a basic free VPS support package, which includes:

  • Installation operating system from the list of available distributions.
  • On, off, reboot virtual server.
  • Support for an unlimited number of domains on our DNS servers (primary and secondary).

When ordering a VPS, you get a working operating system according to the selected distribution. You perform all the steps for installing and configuring programs yourself.

As with dedicated servers without our administration, we do not have access to the VPS, nor passwords to it, nor passwords to its system services.