4.7. VPS life cycle

flowchart LR O([Ordered]) A["Active
(1-12 months)"] D["Deactivated
(30 days)"] R([Deleted]) style O fill:#e0e0e0,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#000 style A fill:#2A9D8F,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#fff style D fill:#E9C46A,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#000 style R fill:#E76F51,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#fff O-->|Payment|A A-->|Renew|A A-->|Deactivation|D D-.->|Renew|A D-->|Deleting|R

VPS ordered, but payment for it has not been received yet.

To activate VPS you need pay order.

Duration: 1-12 months.

VPS is up and running. Note If the VPS is ordered for the first time, during the first 30 days it will be possible to refuse from him and ask returnif for some reason it doesn't fit.

During this period can:


It is impossible to suspend the VPS for any time period.

Duration: 30 days.

The paid VPS has expired. VPS is displayed under "VPS", but its work is suspended and access to its contents is blocked.

During this period can:


If a deactivated VPS is not renewed within 30 days, it will be permanently deleted.

VPS is permanently deleted. Resume the VPS or recover any data from it impossible.