3.6.14. Domain connection to Cloudflare

  1. Register on the site Cloudflare and log into your account.
  2. Clickon "Add site" in the top bar, enter a domain name and click "Add site":
  3. Choose a plan (free - «Free») and press «Continue».
  4. Check that the DNS records for the domain are correct, which Cloudflare will determine automatically. If necessary, adjust them and, using the button with the image of a cloud, mark for which of the records filtering should work:
    • - filtering is enabled. Requests will be filtered by passing through intermediate Cloudflare servers.
    • - filtering is disabled. Requests will go directly, bypassing the Cloudflare server.
  5. After editing the entries, click "Continue":
  6. Copy NS, which will be issued by Cloudflare, and register them in the domain registrar panel instead of the current ones. If the domain is registered with us, use instruction. After changing NS, press "Done, check nameservers":
  7. Wait for the update DNS cache and Cloudflare will see their NS.