3.6.4. Connecting your domain to Blogger

Use presets from the group "Google → Blogger".


The domain must be served on our NS... If the domain is served on third-party NS, the actions need to be performed not with us, but in the panel of their owner.
  1. Delete existing records like A and AAAA.
  2. Get two CNAME records from Google, each of which consists of two parts — the name of the subdomain (column "Name (Name / Label / Host)") and target address (column "Address (Destination / Target / Points To)"):
    • The first entry is the subdomain specified on the Blogger website and the target address ghs.googlehosted.com.
    • The second post is unique for each user and is associated with a blog and Google account.
  3. Add two received records with the following data (if the system reports that there is already an record with the specified subdomain, find and remove her):
    • "Subdomain" — insert the name of the subdomain from the column "Name (Name / Label / Host)".
    • "Type" — select "CNAME".
    • "Data" — paste the target address from the column "Address (Destination / Target / Points To)".
  4. Wait for the update DNS cache... This usually takes several hours (maximum 72).

You can also configure the site to work at the main address (without www) by redirecting requests to the site from www. There are two options for how you can do this.

Hosting side setup

  1. Add record with the following data:
    • "Subdomain" — leave blank.
    • "Type" — select "A".
    • "Data" — specify
  2. Turnon straight webredirect and in the field "URL for address" enter your website address with www.

Blogger side setup

  1. Add 4 identical entries (the only difference will be in the IP address) with the following data:
    • "Subdomain" — leave blank.
    • "Type" — choose "A".
    • "Data" — alternately specify for each of the records one address from the list:
  2. In Blogger under "Publication" Press "Change", check the box next to "Redirect example.com to www.example.com" and save your changes.
  3. Wait approximately 1 hour for the changes to take effect.