Adding a DNS record


  • When an address record is added for a subdomain without www, an additional address record for this subdomain with www will be automatically created (for example, for a subdomain sub it will be sub and www.sub).
  • When a TXT record is added for a subdomain directed only by means of a wildcard record (with a record of the form *.example.com) — will automatically create own address records for the same subdomain with www and without www with the IP address copied from the wildcard record.
  1. At the top of the settings page, click "Add a record".
  2. Fill out the form and click "Add":
    • "Subdomain" — specify the name of the subdomain:
      • The name of the domain itself does not need to be specified.
      • When adding an entry for themain domain — leave the field blank or specify a symbol @.
      • When adding an entry for everyone not announced subdomains — specify the symbol * (means "any subdomain of the current domain").
    • "Type" — select the required recording type:
      • "A" - The IP address of the target server in IPv4 format.
      • "CNAME" - the canonical notation of the name (pseudonym). Can only be added for subdomains.
      • "MX" - domain mail servers that accept incoming mail.
      • "TXT" - arbitrary text entry. For example, used to work SPF and DMARC or domain verification in various services.
      • "NS" — NS for subdomains. Attention! NS for the main domain are set to separate section.
      • "AAAA" - The IP address of the target server in IPv6 format.
      • "CAA" — an entry that defines which CAs are allowed to issue SSL certificates for a specific domain or subdomain.
      • "ALIAS" — virtual recordings... Allows you to achieve CNAME functionality for the main domain.
    • "Data" - specify the record data.
  3. Wait for the update DNS cache... This usually takes several hours (maximum 24).