Address record mismatch notification


If the site should be opened not from shared hosting servers, but from VPS, dedicated server or other company's servers, you can ignore the notification.

A notification may appear next to the domain address records:

The presence of a notification means that in our system there is a site corresponding to this domain, but the address record of the domain (record of the type A or AAAA) is not aimed at current IP address the hosting account that hosts this site. Simply put, the domain is not directed to a hosting account with the site directly.

When you hover over the icon, the tooltip will display the IP to which the domain should be directed in order for the site to open from our hosting. By clicking on the icon in the address record field, it will be automatically substituted current IP address hosting account with the site.

Important points:

  • The hosting account with the site does not have to be in the current account, it can be in the account of another user.
  • You only need to change the settings in our panel if the domain is served on our NS. If third-party NS are used, then the changes must be made in the panel of their owner.