3.6.2. Domain Verification in Google Sites

Use presets from the group "Google → Google Sites".

Important points:

  • The domain must be served on our NS... If the domain is served on third-party NS, the actions need to be performed not with us, but in the panel of their owner.
  • When confirming a subdomain for which no separate records of the type A and AAAA, and the notation is used wildcard, adding a TXT record will break it. In such a situation, you need add for this subdomain, records like A and AAAA.
  1. Log in to the Google account in which you plan to link the domain to the site.
  2. On the site edit page, click "Publish".
  3. In field "Webaddress" enter your website address inside Google Sites and opposite "Designate your own URL, for example www.vashdomen.ru" click "TUNE":
  4. Click on the button "Start setup":
  5. Specify the domain and subdomain that you want to link to the site in Google Sites, and click "prove ownership":
  6. Select from the list of registrars "Other" and copy the verification TXT record:
  7. Add DNS-record with the following data:
    Subdomain Type Data
    www or subdomain name TXT Paste the copied TXT record
  8. Wait for the update DNS cache... This usually takes several hours (maximum 24).
  9. On the page from step 6 (where you received the verification code), click "Confirm".
  10. On the page in step 5, click "Further" and follow the further instructions of the service.