3.6.6. Domain Verification in Facebook Business

Use presets from the group "Facebook".

  1. Log in to your Facebook business account and go to "Brand safety → Domains ":
  2. On the page that opens, click "Add to":
  3. In field "Domain name" specify the required domain (no protocol http:// or https://) and press "Add domain":
  4. After adding a domain, it will appear in the column "Domains " with comment "Confirmation pending":
  5. Select the added domain and verification method:
    This method is slower than confirmation using html file.


    • The domain must be served on our NS... If the domain is served on third-party NS, the actions need to be performed not with us, but in the panel of their owner.
    • When confirming a subdomain for which no separate records of the type A and AAAA, and the notation is used wildcard, adding a TXT record will break it. In such a situation, you need add for this subdomain, records like A and AAAA.
    1. Choose a confirmation method "Confirmation DNS" and copy the resulting entry:
    2. Add DNS-record with the following data:
      Subdomain Type Data
      Leave blank TXT Paste the post you received from Facebook
    3. Wait for the update DNS cache... This usually takes several hours (maximum 72).
    Do not delete the entry after confirmation.
    To verify a domain using this method, you must have access to the files on the server where the domain is directed.

    If the domain is directed to our hosting, then to verify the domain, do the following:

    1. Select confirmation type "File upload HTML":
    2. Press "HTML verification file" and download the test file.
    3. Upload the file to root directory your site. This can be done with filemanager or any FTPclient.
    4. Check the availability of the file from the link marked in the screenshot.
    Do not delete the file after confirmation.
  6. On Facebook, click "Confirm".