3.6.12. Domain validation in Azure Active Directory


The domain must be served on our NS... If the domain is served on third-party NS, the actions need to be performed not with us, but in the panel of their owner.
  1. Go to the app Azure Active Directory and open the section "Personal domain names", press the button "Add custom domain", in the panel that appears, specify the domain name and click "Add domain":
  2. Add a new entry with data according to the chosen method:
    • Confirmation method by TXT record:
      • "Subdomain" - leave the field blank.
      • "Type" - select "TXT".
      • "Data" — paste the copied record.
        When confirming a subdomain, if no one has been created for it A and AAAA records instead of which is used wildcard-record, adding a TXT record will break its operation. Should be additionally add A and AAAA records for the subdomain.
    • MX record confirmation method:
      • "Subdomain" - leave the field blank.
      • "Type" - select "MX".
      • "Data" — paste the copied entry under the number 1.
      • "Priority" — insert the indicated priority under number 2.
  3. Wait for the update DNS cache... This usually takes several hours (maximum 24).