Installing third-party NS


After completing the described actions for the domain, the settings specified in the third-party NS owner panel will begin to be given. Settingsspecified in our control panel will not work.
  1. Open the section "Domains ".
  2. In the domain menu, click "Name servers (NS)".
  3. Clear the fields in the block "Current NS", specify at least two third-party NS names and click "Change NS domain":
    • "Add more" — the button adds additional fields for specifying NS. Use it when you need to specify more than 4 name servers.
    • "Do not check domain existence on these NS" — checking the existence of domain records on the specified NS. Check the box if you get an error "Failed to change NS: domain is not configured on it server" and want to disable verification.
  4. Wait for the update DNS cache... This usually takes several hours (maximum 72).

On the need to register NS in the registry

In some zones, like .COM, .NET, .CC, .TV, .NAME, an error like this may occur: "Failed to change NS: Host XXXXXX.XXX is not registered. Before a host can be used as an NS, its owner must register this name in the registry."... It means that the domain and the specified NS are served in the same registry and the owner of the NS has not registered it in this registry. For example, if for the example.com.ua domain you try to specify ns1.example.com and ns2.u.ua unregistered in the corresponding registries NS, then there will be no error for ns1.example.com (domain zone .COM.UA and zone NS. COM are served by different registries), but for ns2.u.ua there will be an error (the .UA domain zone and the NS .COM.UA zone are served by the same registry). In this case, the owner of the u.ua domain must register the name ns2.u.ua as a host in the registry.