If you want the site to accept requests to all your subdomains, instead of aliases use processing requests to non-existent subdomains.

With the help of aliases, you can make scripts from the same directory process requests to multiple addresses at the same time.

Important points:

  • By default, for the added site, its alias with www is also added.
  • Only those sites that are not in the section can be added as aliases. «My sites»... If you want to add an alias using an existing name, you will need to remove this website or subdomain.
  • Domains or subdomains added to aliases must be correct directed to hosting.
  • If a domain is added as an alias, which can be accessed both with www and without, then you need to add both variants of the name — with www and without.
  • Sites blocked by Roskomnadzor (RKN) cannot be added to aliases. The exception is sites blocked for their pro—Ukrainian position. To add them, contact us at online chat.
  1. Openup site settings.
  2. Enter the alias address in the field «Aliases» and save the changes:
  3. Wait approximately 15-30 minutes for the changes to take effect.