3.3.2. Publishing data to WHOIS


Not all WHOIS services are capable of showing the public contact details of domain owners. You will need to find the one that displays them.

Domain owner contact details hidden by default in WHOIS... If necessary, you can change and open for public viewing:

Opening takes up to 1 hour. It also takes about 3-4 hours to update the information.

Some services, when adding a domain to themselves, may require confirmation of domain ownership by sending a letter to the mail specified in the domain's contact information. If the data in WHOIS is closed or not open, but not displayed, it will not be possible to verify domain ownership in this way. Alternative methods should be used for confirmation, for example using additions in domain settings TXTrecords (by analogy with Google Search Console). For information on the available methods, you need to check with the support of the service where the domain is added.

For .RU, .SU and .РФ domains, the availability of data in WHOIS depends on who the domain administrator is:

  • If it is an individual, the data is hidden and cannot be opened.
  • If a legal entity — the name of this legal entity is displayed in the WHOIS in English and cannot be hidden.