Wrong private key password

At installing a certificate an error may occur with an unencrypted key and an empty password field The password for the private key is incorrect.

The problem could be caused by:

  • Invalid file format.
  • Invalid private key file syntax.

The certificate and private key files must be in plain text format.

If the files are text editor documents that support layout (for example, as a Word document in the format .doc or .docx), you need to open them in this text editor and save them as plain text (for example, in the format .txt).

To remedy the situation, try the following:

  1. Open the private key file in any text editor.
  2. Check the last line of text -----END PRIVATE KEY----- and make sure there are exactly 5 dashes on the left and right sides of it. If there are less than 5 dashes to the right, add the missing ones and save the changes.
  3. Try to install the certificate again.

If the number of dashes is correct, but the error still occurs, contact the certificate vendor for possible causes of the problem.