2.18.3. IP blocking

The hosting has a security system that blocks IP addresses that engage in malicious activity. Reasons why an IP address can be blocked:

  • Brute force (attempt to brute-force passwords):
    • TO CMS.
    • Mailboxes.
    • FTP.
    • MySQL.
  • Participation in a DDoS attack.
  • Flood to sites.
  • An attempt to download a large number of sites.

The blocking can result in the following behavior of our security system:

  • Blocking access to specific protocols or servers.
  • Blocking the sending of POST requests.
  • Complete blocking of access to all servers.

To unblock, check if your computers are infected with viruses, if you have an administrator in your office or network who could perform actions that could cause a lock. Some of the locks can be remove yourself.