6.2. Storage order


  • No test period is provided.
  • No other services are required to order.
  • Storage capacity after order can be change.
  • One account can have any number of separate repositories.
  1. Signin to your account. If you don't have it signup.
  2. Openup order page and press "To order":
  3. Fill out the form and click "To order":
    • "Name" — arbitrary name of the repository.

      About the name:

      • Name indicate not necessary. It can be specified later and changed if necessary.
      • The name implies pseudonym... The original name always looks like storageNNN, is automatically assigned by the system after the order and does not change.
    • "Volume" — storage capacity from 10 to 1000 GB.
  4. Check personal balance and topup him if necessary.

The storage is activated immediately after the order and is ready for full use.