6.3. Storage life cycle

flowchart LR O([Ordered]) A["Actively
(until the balance is exhausted)"] DA[Blocked] D([Removed]) style O fill:#e0e0e0,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#000 style A fill:#2A9D8F,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#fff style DA fill:#E9C46A,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#000 style D fill:#E76F51,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#fff O-->A A-->|Renew|A A-->|Deactivation|DA A-.->|Manual removal|D DA-.->|Manual
deletion|D DA-->|Recharge balance
and manual unlock|A

Storage ordered. Immediately after ordering, it becomes active.

Duration: Until funds run out personal balance or the vault will not be deleted manually.

The repository is active. Once a day from balance debited for its use. The write-off is performed the next day according to the maximum amount of storage for the previous day.

During this period can:

  • Make full use of the storage.
  • Change storage size.
  • Delete storage.

Duration: not limited at the moment. Warning! Storage conditions may change in the future, so do not recommend store important data without payment for a long time.

The paid storage period has expired. storage deactivated and access to its contents is completely blocked.

During this period can:

  • Recharge balance and unlock the storage by paying the cost of data storage from the balance for the entire period since deactivation. Warning! It is impossible to unlock the storage without paying for the entire storage period.
  • Delete storage.

The vault has been permanently deleted. Resume the storage or restore any data from it impossible.