6.10. Web access to storage

Instead of the standard view URL XXXXxXXXxxxXxXXx.cdn.express to access the repository you can use own domain or subdomain.

Web access allows you to flexibly configure access to the contents of the repository through a browser. Using it, the storage can be made public or with access only by login and password, you can also separately configure read access (view and download files) and write access (upload files to the storage). In addition, the web access interface is used to create public links on files and directories.

Important points:

  • Changing the password or permissions for a user automatically complete it session. The user will need to re-authorize in the web access interface.
  • Read and write settings affect access to all storage contents. You cannot set access to individual directories only.

User management is done on the tab «Web access» in the block «Users for web access»:


  • «Login» — user login.
  • «Read» — access to view and download any files from the storage.
  • «Recording » — access to create directories and upload files to storage.
  • «Date of creation» — date of user creation.

«Public user» - system user. It is always present in the list of users and is designed to set up public access to the storage without entering a login and password: turning on reading opens access to the contents of the storage via a link to everyone, turning on writing opens the possibility of uploading files to the storage.

New users are added without read and write permissions. The rights must be issued independently by including the necessary options in the list of users.

«Add to» — creating a new user for web access:

  • «Login» — user login.
  • «Password» — user password. ⚠️ For security reasons, passwords are not stored on the hosting.

All sessions of the created web access users are displayed on the tab «Sessions»:

In the list of sessions, you can forcibly end individual user sessions. A user with a completed session will need to re-authorize in the web access interface to continue working.

«End all sessions» — forcefully end the sessions of all users.

«View when opening» (block «Web access» in the tab «Settings») — web interface operation mode at first opening through a browser (after opening, each user can switch modes independently if necessary):

  • «Logs» - files are displayed as a list, clicking on a file downloads it.
  • «Gallery» - media files are displayed as thumbnails, clicking on a media file opens its preview.

File format support in gallery mode:

Supported Not supported
Audio MP3, WAV, OGG
Video MP4, WEBM, OGV

«Browsing directories without authorization» — access to files and directories in public mode.

In the block «Web access interface logo» in the tab «Settings» you can add your own logo, which will be displayed instead of the standard one in the storage web access interface.