Transfer of domains .UA, .COM.UA, .ORG.UA, IN.UA and a number of regional domains of the 2nd level

Important points:

  • Attention! Registrant contact details (current domain owner) necessarily must match owner's data and account typeto which the transfer is made.
  • .UA domain can only be transferred to an account registered to the owner of the TM. If you need to transfer the domain to your account not the owner of the TM, then between the owner of the trademark (TM) and account owner should be concluded license agreement.
  • Front by applying for a transfer for domain should not be set status clientTransferProhibitedbecause it blocks the transfer. The current status can be found using WHOIS.
  • In the transfer price 1 year renewal included... However, this renewal will be honored only in case thatif after performing this operation the maximum domain delegation period — 10 years is not exceeded.
  • NS domains can only be changed before the start of the transfer or after it is completed, during the transfer can't be changed. After completing the NS domain transfer do not change automatically on our.
  • Only the current registrar (who is giving the domain) can speed up the transfer.
Before transferring the .UA domain, it is recommended to verify account.

A complete list of zones for which this manual is relevant:

  • .UA
  • .COM.UA
  • .ORG.UA
  • .IN.UA
  • .CN.UA
  • .LVIV.UA.
  1. On the side of the current domain registrar, indicate in the contact details of the registrant (current domain owner) your data and openup this data in the registry. If the data cannot be opened for any reason, ask the registrar for an additional password from registrant contact.
  2. Notify the current registrar of your intention to transfer your domain to the company:
    • Registrar IDua.ukraine.
    • Yur. NameLLC "Hosting.XYZ LTD".
  3. Request a domain transfer code from your current registrar - Auth-Code.
  1. Make sure the domain prepared to the transfer.
  2. Apply to transfer your domain from the page "Domain transfer", or if the domain added in our control panel, click "Transfer to us" in the domain menu under "Domains ".
  3. Read the terms of domain transfer, enter the transfer code in the field "AUTH CODE" and press "Perform domain transfer". If the domain contacts are hidden, you need to either open them with the current registrar, or ask the current registrar for a password to view them and enter it in the field "Contact password".
  4. Check the information in your account with the information in the contacts of the domain and make sure they match.
  5. Wait for the domain administrator to check the data and issue an invoice for the domain transfer:
    • On weekdays, invoices are issued within one or more hours from 10:00 to 18:00.
    • On non—working days — 1—2 times a day.
  6. Pay exposed check for a domain transfer. When payment is received, account mail you will receive a notification.
  7. If the contacts of the domain registrant and the account owner match, after the receipt of funds under the invoice, an application for a domain transfer will be sent to the registry.

Domain transfer takes 5-6 days... After the end of the transfer to account mail a notification will be sent.