General questions about transfer and transfer codes (Auth-Code / AuthInfo)

Domains of only those zones that can be registered with us can be transferred to us. The list of available zones is presented on domain registration page... The prices can be found here.

During the transfer domain status does not change and remains the same as it was at the start of the transfer. While the transfer is in progress, the domain will not go to clientHold or redemptionPeriodif their deadline comes.

If during the domain transfer its validity period has expired, the domain will continue to work anyway — the current registrar cannot transfer the domain to clientHold when it is in pendingTransfer.

All domains with a paid transfer after the transfer is completed are automatically renewed for 1 year — another 1 year is added to the existing domain validity period.

Domain will not be extended for 1 year in the following situations:

  • Before the start of the transfer, the domain has already been extended for the maximum periodprovided by the domain zone.
  • The transfer of the domain of the zone is in progress, in which the transfer procedure is free.

Upon completion of the transfer for the domain, the the same NSthat he had at the time of the start of the transfer.

No, transfer a domain between registrars without a transfer code impossible.

Alas, we have no influence on the conditions for the provision of the transfer code by a third-party registrar.

We cannot influence other registrars. In situations with international domains, you can complain to the relevant registries and to ICANN, in situations with Ukrainian domains — in TOV "Hostmaster".