Changing the admin password in Joomla!


Find out the current admin password technically impossible, since it is not stored on the site in an open form — only its hash is stored. It is only possible to replace the password with a new one.
  1. In the site config file takealook the name of the database to which it is connected.
  2. Openup database in phpMyAdmin.
  3. Execute the following SQL query, instead of new_password New Password:
    UPDATE `jos_users` SET `password` = MD5('новый_password') WHERE `username` = 'login';

    If the names of the tables in the database do not start with the standard jos_, and with a different prefix, make the appropriate change to the SQL query.

    • Instead новый_password enter the desired password.
    • Instead login specify the username used for authorization.
  4. Check the entrance to Adminpanel.