Setting up mail in Joomla!

  1. Go to section "System → General settings" and open the tab "Server":
  2. In the section "Mail setup" provide the following information:
    • "Sending mail" — set the switch to position "Yes" to allow sending emails.
    • "Disable mailing" — make sure that the switch is set to position "No"... Position "Yes" disables bulk mailing.
    • "Site email" — specify the mailbox to which letters should be received.
    • "Sender of the letter" — enter the name of the sender.
    • "Reply to E-mail" — indicate the mailbox to which replies should be received (will be substituted in the header Reply-to).
    • "Reply to name" — specify the recipient's name when replying to a letter sent by the site.
    • "Sending method" — select the required sending method:
      • "PHP Mail" Not recommended way
      • "Sendmail" Not recommended way:
        • "Path to Sendmail" — specify /usr/sbin/sendmail.
      • "SMTP" Recommended way — sending letters by connecting to an existing mailbox (if the mailbox through which the sending will be performed is located with us, you need to use connection data):
        • "SMTPServer" — specify the address of the mail server.
        • "SMTP server port" — specify the port of connection to the mail server — 465, 25 or 2525.
        • "SMTP security" — if you specified port 465, select "SSL"if 25 or 2525 — select "No".
        • "SMTP server authorization" — set the switch to position "Yes".
        • "SMTP username" — specify the full name of the mailbox from which the sending will be performed.
        • "SMTP password" — enter the password for the mailbox.
  3. Clickon "Send test message" to test the installed settings.