Installing extensions via FTP in OpenCart

To install the extension, do the following:

  1. V FTP access restrictions provide the site with access to hosting FTP in one of two ways:
    • Or completely disable access restriction while installing the extension.
    • Or find out direct IP addresses hosting account and add them to allowed.
  2. Go to section "System → Settings" ("System → Settings").
  3. To the right of the store name, click "Edit" ("Edit").
  4. Switch to tab "FTP" and indicate your FTP connection data:
    • "FTP server" ("FTP Host") — specify the host from FTP connection data.
    • "FTP port" ("FTP Port") — make sure the port is specified 21.
    • "FTP login" ("FTP Username") - specify the login from FTP connection data.
    • "FTP password" ("FTP Password") - specify FTP user password.
    • "FTP catalog" ("FTP Root") - specify the path to root directory of the site from the root FTP (without /home/name_account at the beginning).
    • "Launch FTP" ("Enable FTP") — set the switch to position "Yes" ("Yes").
  5. Save changes by clicking "Save" ("Save") in the upper right corner of the page.
  6. Go to section "Supplements → Installing add-ons" ("Extensions → Extension Installer").
  7. Against "Upload file" ("Upload File") press "Download" ("Upload").
  8. Select the extension file you want to install.
  9. Clickon "Continue" ("Continue").
  10. Wait for the installation to complete.