OpenCart localization

  1. Register and log in to the official website of OpenCart.
  2. From extension store download an archive with the required language pack on your PC:
  3. Upload the language pack to the website:
    • Russian:
      1. Unpack the language pack on your PC.
      2. Through filemanager or any FTPclient upload directories admin and catalog for hosting in site root directory.
    • Ukrainian:
      1. V adminpanels site open section "Extensions → Installer", click "Upload" and select the downloaded Ukrainian language pack.
      2. Go to section "Extensions → Modifications" and press "Refresh".
  4. Turn the downloaded language into adminpanels site:
    1. Open the section "System → Localisation → Languages" and press "Add New".
    2. Fill in the fields and save your changes:
      • For Russian localization:
        • "Language Name" — enter Russian.
        • "Code" — select "ru-ru".
        • "Locale" — specify ru_RU.UTF-8,ru_RU,russian.
        • "Status" — make sure it is selected "Enabled".
        • "Sort Order" — enter 0.
      • For Ukrainian localization:
        • "Language Name» — enter Ukrainian.
        • "Code" — select "uk-ua".
        • "Locale" — specify ua_UA.UTF-8,ua_UA,ua_UA,ua.
        • "Status" — make sure it is selected "Enabled".
        • "Sort Order" — enter 0.
    3. Open the section "System → Settings" and press "Edit" opposite the store.
    4. Switch to tab "Local", in the fields "Language" and "Administration Language" select the language you want and save your changes.
    5. Check the site is working.

Installing and configuring other languages is done in a similar way.