Setting up LiteSpeed Cache in OpenCart

  1. Change web server for the desired site on OpenLiteSpeed.
  2. Download the extension for OpenCart from LiteSpeed site... To download, a page on GitHub will open, where you will need to click "Download":
  3. Openup Adminpanel site and at the very bottom of the page, pay attention to the OpenCart version:
  4. Go to section "Modules / Extensions → Installing extensions":
  5. Clickon "Download" and select the downloaded archive:
  6. Go to section "Modules / Extensions → Modules / Extensions":
  7. Select extension type "Modules", find the module "LiteSpeed Cache" and opposite it, first press "activate" , and then "edit" :
  8. In the tab "General" against "LiteSpeed Cache Status" choose "Enabled":
  9. Set the rest of the plugin settings to suitable caching for the site and save all changes.