Logging errors in OpenCart

To enable in-system PHP error logging in OpenCart, do the following:

  1. Openup Adminpanel site.
  2. Go to section "System → Settings" ("System → Settings"):
  3. To the right of the store name, click "Edit" ("Edit"):
  4. Switch to tab "Server" ("Server"):
  5. At the very bottom of the page, find the section "Errors" and set the parameters you want:
    • "Show errors" — a parameter indicating whether to display errors on the site pages.
    • "Log errors" — parameter indicating whether errors should be written to the log file.
    • "Error log file" — the name of the file to which errors will be recorded.

There are two ways to read the error log:

  1. Openup Adminpanel site.
  2. Go to section "System → Service → Error log":
  3. The page that opens will display the entire error log that was recorded CMS.
You can read the error log entries by downloading the log file located along the path /storage/logs/error.log, from site root directory.