Enabling CNC in OpenCart

OpenCart has a standard ability to enable CNC (human-readable URL-addresses) for all pages of the site (products, their categories, etc.).

To enable CNC in OpenCart:

  1. Through filemanager or any FTPclient openup site root directory and make sure it contains the file .htaccess (with exactly that name). If the file is named, for example, htaccess.txt, rename it to .htaccess (always with a dot at the beginning). If the file is missing, create it with standard content.
  2. Openup Adminpanel site.
  3. Go to section "System → Settings" ("System → Settings"):
  4. To the right of the store name, click "Edit" ("Edit"):
  5. Switch to tab "Server" ("Server"):
  6. Against "Turn on the CNC" ("Use SEO URLs") set the switch to position "Yes" ("Yes"):
  7. Save changes by clicking "Save" ("Save") in the upper right corner of the page:
  8. Necessarily clear cache OpenCart.
  9. Check the operation of the CNC on the site pages.

If, after completing the above actions, the CNC will not work on all the pages on which it should be, then it is possible that for these pages you need to correct the links manually in the files of the template used on the site. For help in this matter, we recommend that you contact directly the developer of your site or the template used on it.