Setting up mail in OpenCart


In the case of using third—party services to send letters, it is worth checking the security restrictions of such services. For example, sending from @gmail mailbox may require security setting.
  1. Go to section "System → Settings" ("System → Settings"):
  2. To the right of the store name, click "Edit" ("Edit"):
  3. Switch to tab "Invoice" ("Store") (in some versions, you may need to go to the section "Themain" ("Main")):
  4. In field "E-Mail" specify the mailbox to which you want to receive letters (additional boxes can be specified later):
  5. Switch to tab "Mail" ("Mail"):
  6. In the section "Themain" specify the desired method of sending mail and the corresponding settings:
    • To send using PHP function mail (library used sendmail) (not recommended method):
      • "Postal protocol" — select Mail.
      • Leave all other fields of the section empty.
    • To send via SMTP (by connecting to an existing mailbox) (recommended way) (if the box through which the shipment will be performed is located with us, you need to use connection data):
      • "Postal protocol" — select SMTP.
      • "Mail function parameters" - leave blank.
      • "SMTP Server Name" — specify the address of the mail server. ⚠️ When using SSL/TLS, the server name must be specified as ssl://example.com or tls://example.com... For our mail server, you need to specify ssl://mail.adm.tools (in case of using the port 465).
      • "SMTP Login" — specify the full name of the mailbox from which the sending will be performed.
      • "SMTP Password" — enter the password for the mailbox.
      • "SMTP Port" — specify the port used to connect to the mail server.
      • "SMTP Timeout" — specify the time allotted for connecting and sending a letter.
  7. In the section "E-Mail Alerts" specify additional settings:
    • "Receive alerts" — mark the events for which the letters should be sent.
    • "Additional notification addresses" — specify the mailboxes to which you want to send copies of letters.
  8. Save changes by clicking "Save" ("Save") in the upper right corner of the page: