4.1.3. Connecting to VPS over SFTP with FileZilla

  1. Open the section "File → Site Manager…":
  2. Clickon "New website":
  3. Fill in the fields:
    • "Protocol" - select "SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol".
    • "Host" - specify IP address server.
    • "Port" - specify 22.
    • "Login type" — select "Normal".
    • "User " — specify root.
    • "Password" — specify password rootuser.
  4. Clickon "Connect" or "OK":
  5. If a warning about an unknown key is displayed, it means that the server's host key is not in the FileZilla cache (this is typical for the first connection) or has changed (for example, due to transferring the hosting account to another server). To prevent a warning from being displayed every time you connect, check the box next to "Always trust this host, add the key to the cache"... To connect, click "OK":