3.7.1. Error "NXDOMAIN"

Error "NXDOMAIN" (Name error, DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, RFC 2308) means that in the system DNS domain information missing.

Common reasons:

  • Little time has passed since the registration of the domain or the addition of address records and more information did not have time to update in system DNS.
  • The domain is in the clientHold (Hold), redemptionPeriod, serverHold, or others during which it does not work.
  • Removed entries in domain settings.
  • Domain not registered or deleted from the registry.

This error may indicate that the domain itself or the domain to which it is directed does not exist. CNAME... For example, if the registered domain domain.com has a CNAME record pointing to an unregistered domain.shop, then when going to domain.com this error will be displayed.

It is important to consider that such an error may occur for some time for only a registered or renewed domain, while information about it not updated in system DNS.

If the domain is registered and works correctly, then you can try to eliminate this error using the methods described in here.