2.11.3. Cron job reports

To send reports on the execution of cron tasks to the mail when adding or when editing a task, enter a mailing address in the field "Send report to e-mail":

Sending reports is based on the use of standard I / O streams in Unix systems. The report is sent only if the script displays any result or error. It is this information that will be in the body of the letter.

Letters are NOT sent:

  • At manual launching a task with the button "Test launch of task" (instead of sending it to mail, the result is displayed in a window).
  • When the command being run is nothing does not output on the screen.
  • When the command output is suppressed (for example, at the end of the command being run, added >> /dev/null 2>&1).

If the script being run does not display any information after execution, then add output commands to the script to get reports on the task launches, like echo or print.

Important points:

  • Letters with reports takenintoaccount in limits for sending mail.
  • By default, reports are sent on behalf of account mail... In case of problems with delivery or getting letters into spam, change it to one of mailboxes using the button "Select the mailbox of the sender of reports".
  • If all the conditions for sending are met, but the letters do not reach the recipient, try using the method described here.