2.11.4. Cron log

The cron log is stored only for the current day and is located in the section "Task schedule (Cron)" in the tab "Log" and looks like this:

  • "Time" - date and time of the task execution stage.
  • "Server" - the web server that hosts the hosting account with the task being launched.
  • "Status" - task execution status:
    • "Initialized" — preparation for launching the task.
    • "Launched" - the task has started.
    • "Completed" — the task has been completed.
    • "Error" - an error occurred while executing the task.
    • "Killed" - the task execution was forcibly stopped by the system.
  • "Team" - the task being launched.

At the top of the log there are two fields with which you can filter records by status and / or the presence of certain text in them.

To download the log for the current day, click "Download" at the top of the log: