2.11.4. Cron log


The log is only kept for the current day. Older logs are not kept.

The cron log is in the section «HostingSchedule tasks (cron)» in the tab «Log".

Search. Allows you to filter requests by status (see below) and the presence of certain text in them.

Button "Download" downloads the log for the current day.

  • "Time" - the time of the stage of the task.
  • "Status" - task execution status:
    • "Initialized" — preparation for launching the task.
    • "Launched" - the task has started.
    • "Completed" — the task has been completed.
    • "Mistake" - an error occurred while executing the task.
    • "Killed" - the task execution was forcibly stopped by the system.
  • "Team" - the task being launched.