Creating a copy of the site on another domain or subdomain

  1. Add target domain or subdomain in section «My sites» (if not already added).
  2. V site settings and PHP settings target site, set the settings the same as they are set for the source site.
  3. Through filemanager clear the contents catalog target site and copy all the contents of the source site directory to it.
  4. Create a copy of the database:
    1. Create new database.
    2. For the created database, run import via control panel and select the database you want to copy as the source.
    1. Create a database backup.
    2. Download created archive on your PC.
    3. Unzip the archive and get a dump file from it in SQL format.
    4. Create new database.
    5. Import to the created database dump file in SQL format by any of the methods.
  5. Correct your connection settings to the database in the configuration file of the copy site. If the site uses absolute paths, adjust them (for example, instruction for OpenCart).
  6. If the site is bound to a domain address, replace the old address with a new one and correct the paths in the configuration files of the copy site and / or its database (instructions: WordPress, OpenCart, PrestaShop).